2018 Spruill Fall Classes - adult unless noted

Paint Like Matisse

Saturday, 9/29  Apply Matisse's lyrical style to the study of color, pattern, and composition while you enhance your painting skills in oils, acrylics or pastels.  Work from still life set ups that are reminiscent of Matisse's stay in southern France

Sketching With Ink and Watercolor

Saturday, 10/6 Learn to use ink with watercolor to capture everyday places and objects or travel scenes in a sketch book or journal with or without text.  Or use the medium to depict animals, buildings, landscapes or still lifes as finished works of art.  

Muffins & Memorable Fall Landscapes

Saturday, 11/3 For beginner or intermediate students who want to create frameable paintings of the fall landscape.  Start the morning with a homemade muffin and enjoy creating paintings from your fall photos (or the instructor’s archives) in a relaxing atmosphere.   Learn to improve your pastel, oil or acrylic painting skills with simple techniques to help you translate photos into finished artworks

2019 Spruill Winter Classes - adult unless noted

Anyone Can Learn to Draw

Saturday, 1/26 and 2/2  Perfect for students at all levels who want to learn drawing fundamentals so they can improve their drawing and painting skills, and for non-artists who always wanted to learn to draw.

Saturday Pastel Workshop

Saturday, 2/16 and 2/234  Discover why so many artists love working with a medium that combines the best of painting and drawing in convenient sticks without mixing paints and solvents.  This class is for beginners and intermediates who want to learn to use pastels or sharpen their skills.

Drawing Workshop for Teens

Saturday morning, 3/16 and 3/234  Perfect for teens at all levels who want to learn drawing fundamentals so they can improve their drawing and painting skills..

Paint Flowers Like Georgia O'Keeffe

Saturday, TBA Study Georgia O'Keeffe's use of color and composition to create a painting in her style using pastels, oils, or acrylics.  We'll work from live flowers to emulate the timeless appeal of her simplified shapes and vibrant colors..

Get to Know Watercolor Pencils

Saturday, TBA  Perfect for beginners with little art experience. Watercolor pencils combine the fluidity of watercolor with the control of colored pencils.  Sets of watercolor pencils are small enough to pack into a crowded suitcase or carry-on bag for vacation sketching.